Monthly Archives: January 2013

XC Ski and Snowshoe Weekend: The Activities

Two weekends ago my husband and I brought my parents up to Collingwood, Ontario for a weekend of XC skiing and snowshoeing. So why did I think this was a good idea? My parents live rather sedentary lifestyles. My brother and I have always urged them both to exercise more frequently. In particular, since they […]

DIY Ruffled Tree Skirt

I know this post is not quite on time given that Christmas was just over a month ago. However, as I gaze at my now bare artificial Christmas tree (that any day now my husband will fold up and store somewhere), I am reminded by how excited I was to put up and decorate our […]

Annapolis, MD and Washington, D.C.: Part 2

During the second part of our December trip, we left Annapolis and headed to Washington, D.C. where we stayed at the lovely and historic Mayflower Renaissance Hotel (site of several political sex scandals). The lobby area was very nice with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and was decorated for the holiday season. We visited […]

Annapolis, MD and Washington, D.C.: Part 1

As a teacher, I get two weeks off from the end of December (just before Christmas) into the beginning of January (just after New Years Day). My husband and I like to take advantage of this time off to travel – something we both love! Last year, we went to NYC and Washington, D.C. We […]