DIY Ruffled Tree Skirt

I know this post is not quite on time given that Christmas was just over a month ago. However, as I gaze at my now bare artificial Christmas tree (that any day now my husband will fold up and store somewhere), I am reminded by how excited I was to put up and decorate our first Christmas tree as a fairly newly married and fairly newly cohabiting couple.

We decided that we would begin a new tradition of putting up and decorating the tree together and were both very happy with how our eclectic tree turned out. My husband and I would both describe our house decorating style as eclectic so it was fitting that our tree was also eclectic.  The result? A tree decorated with a variety of ornaments in different shapes and sizes and a rainbow of colours (with a common granny smith apple green colour recurring to, in my mind, keep things somewhat cohesive).

Our first Christmas tree!

Our first Christmas tree!

I decided that I needed some way to cover up the unattractive wooden base of the tree and began to seek some solutions via Google. When I came upon this blog post about a DIY ruffled tree skirt, I loved the look of it so much that I decided I had to try to make one myself. I soon discovered upon further Googling that many other people had also made versions of this tree skirt. In fact, there were tons and tons of blog posts about DIY ruffled tree skirts.

In spite of this, I am very happy with and absolutely love how my tree skirt turned out so here I will add one more blog post to the world of blog posts about this topic and hope that’s okay with everyone!

My first step was to make a trip to a Fabricland near my workplace where I spent over an hour trying to decided what fabric to buy. I ended up with a couple of holiday prints, a sheer beige material of some kind, and a roll of green ribbon. I was especially in love with the white holiday print that had green, blue and silver trees all over it. It was pretty easy to make but ended up taking me around six hours!

Clockwise from top left: my fave fabric, the base, starting to glue, after a bit of progress, the finished product, a close-up

Clockwise from top left: my fave fabric, the base, starting to glue, after a bit of progress, the finished product, a close-up


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