Monthly Archives: February 2013

I ❤ Lasagna

I’ve loved Italian food since I was little. Considering how filling pasta is, it’s amazing how much I can wolf down in one sitting. Good thing I have high metabolism (so far anyway)! One of my favourite restaurants as a kid was the Mövenpick restaurant that used to be on York Street in Toronto. Though […]

Lunar New Year and Other Traditions

Since today is the Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year), a day of great significance and celebration for the Chinese culture (and for a number of other cultures), I thought I’d blog about it and a bit about a few Chinese traditions and superstitions. I’ll start by filling you in on my cultural background. […]

XC Ski and Snowshoe Weekend: The Food

The day before we were to head up to Collingwood with my parents, my husband called me twice during the day to say to me that he thought we should make dinner reservations for a nice restaurant for Saturday and perhaps also for a nice brunch on Sunday morning. I proceeded to make dinner reservations […]