Kinton Ramen

After spending 11 days straight at the cottage, I began to crave something other than grilled food. More specifically, I began to crave a big steaming bowl of noodles in soup (even though it is the middle of summer). Since I was little, noodles in soup has always been a favourite of mine. I love all types of noodles in soups – rice vermicelli, lai fun, ho fun, soba, ramen, you name it! It’s my comfort food of choice. I could probably eat a variety of different types of noodles in soup for every meal year round and not tire of it.

I had made plans to meet my brother for lunch after returning from the cottage so when I texted him to say that I had a craving for ramen, he texted me back to say he knew the perfect place for us to go – Kinton Ramen. Although I had heard and read a lot about this place, I had not been there yet  and found myself really looking forward to trying it out. We planned to meet there around 11:45 am on a Wednesday but I found myself running late that day and called my brother to tell him I would be there closer to 12:00 pm. He mentioned to me that we might have to wait and, though that bothered me, we decided to go for it anyway. Apparently, there are often line-ups at Kinton Ramen, especially in the evening. We were lucky and were pretty much seated right away.

It’s a small place with mostly bar-style seating and enthusiastic staff who intermittently holler random things in Japanese. After examining the menu, my brother and I both went with the lunch special for $12.80 that included a bowl of ramen (choice of miso, shoyu, shio, spicy garlic, vegetable, or chicken), a side dish called cheese ton don (consisting of shredded pork topped with cheese on top of rice), and a drink. I ordered the shio ramen (sea salt, kinton pork, beansprout, scallion, nori, seasoned egg) and my brother ordered the spicy garlic (chili pepper, kinton pork, beansprout, scallion, fresh grated garlic). I decided to upgrade my drink to Kinton’s house-made lemonade for an additional $1.


With the ramen, you have an option of ordering a light, regular, or rich soup base. The soup is made by simmering pork and chicken bones for over 20 hours and then adding broth of bonito fish and vegetables. If you order ramen with kinton pork, you can choose either pork belly or pork shoulder (the latter being the leaner option). There is information on the Kinton Ramen website about how they make their soup and ramen and about the ingredients they use. My brother and I both went with the regular soup and the pork belly since neither of us is really counting calories.


I really enjoyed everything I ate at Kinton Ramen. The cheese ton don was tasty (not mind-blowing or anything). The ramen was excellent! The right amount of al dente texture in a deliciously salty soup with some decadently fatty pork belly and tasty egg. Yum! I know that Kinton Ramen is one of my brother’s favourite ramen places in Toronto with Santouka being his other favourite. These are places to keep in mind when you need a ramen fix. I would definitely go back to Kinton Ramen and I am looking forward to trying out Santouka at some point as well!


Do any of you know of other great ramen or noodle places?

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