Magnum Pleasure Store

As if the delicious bowl of ramen I had at Kinton Ramen wasn’t enough on that Wednesday, I decided to stop by the Magnum Pleasure Store (a pop up store) that had opened up at 11 Bloor Street in Yorkville at the beginning of July. I’m usually more of a salty foods person as opposed to a sweet foods person. When given an option between a bag of potato chips versus a chocolate bar, I will almost always choose the bag of chips (depends on what brand of chocolate it is!). However, ice cream is one of those sweet foods that I cannot imagine doing without! Yum!

I first heard about the Magnum Pleasure Store from my brother (often a fount of knowledge about food in the Toronto area via his fiancée who seems to always know about some of the best places to eat a variety of foods). After seeing a photo of his Magnum ice cream bar creation online, I immediately texted him to ask where he had purchased this masterpiece on which had been added, among many other toppings, chili flakes and bacon bits. While chili flakes and bacon bits on an ice cream bar may not necessarily be my cup of tea, I knew I had to try this place for myself. There had apparently been some fancy events related to the opening of this temporary store as well as a variety of media coverage. I guess I am a bit late to the gate for this one! Before I heard about this store, I had only known about and tried the delicious Magnum brand ice cream bars that can be found in supermarkets.


While the prepackaged supermarket Magnum ice cream is delicious, it doesn’t offer you the fun customization options found at the Magnum Pleasure Store. I had heard that there had been constant line ups outside the Magnum store and at around 2:30 pm on that Wednesday, I was indeed greeted by a line up. It was not as bad as the reported 30-45 minutes that some people have experienced. I waited about 10  minutes in a relatively short line. It was quickly apparent as to why there is a wait. It takes a good amount of time for a staff member to take your order and make your chocolate bar when you consider the many options you have to choose from.

For a flat $6 (regardless of how many toppings you add), you first select chocolate or vanilla ice cream. You then get to choose the type of chocolate you would like that ice cream bar dipped in – milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Next, you choose from 21 different toppings that range from the typical to the more unusual. Below is a list of these toppings:

Crushed Popcorn
Chopped Hazelnuts
Crumbled Biscuit
Chocolate Flakes
Chopped Almonds
Crumbled Cornflakes
Chocolate Rice Crispies
Goji Berries
Culinary Rose Petals
Dried Coconut
Dried Strawberries
Macadamia Nut Pieces
Rose Praline
White Chocolate Vermicelli
Toffee Bits
Crumbled French Macarons
Canadian Maple Fudge
Popping Candy
Rock Sea Salt
Grape Nerds
Chili Flakes
Bacon Bits

As you make your topping selections, the staff member who is serving you will scoop that topping into a metal cocktail shaker. He or she will then shake up your selection of toppings before pouring it all over both sides of your freshly chocolate dipped ice cream bar. You then select whether you want milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate drizzled over top of everything. Finally, your server will add the little “M” monogram chocolate piece – the Magnum signature.


My Magnum creation consisted of the a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in dark chocolate (my favourite type of chocolate!!!) that was covered in the following toppings: chopped almonds, goji berries, culinary rose petals, dried coconut, macadamia nut pieces, crumbled French Macarons, a touch of rock sea salt, and a little secret topping known as “the golden touch.” I chose a white chocolate drizzled – the “glue” that held it all together. My verdict? Heaven! The chocolate is so smooth and tasty and, as crazy as all those toppings sound, I loved it!


Tip – If you ask for the golden touch, they sprinkle edible gold flakes on your ice cream and give you a free (while supplied last) limited edition Magnum gold nail polish by the brand Nails Inc.


Have any of you visited the Magnum Pleasure Store yet? If so, what did you think? 🙂



  1. Wow, that is one awesome Magnum!

    1. Thanks! It was delicious! 🙂

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