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An Apple a Day: Fuji

This will be the last in my An Apple a Day blog post series.  The Fuji, which like the Mutsu was developed in Japan, can grow to be quite a large apple.  I remember seeing huge Fuji apples in supermarkets periodically.  While apple picking recently, we sampled a variety of apples at the entrance of […]

An Apple a Day: Mutsu

While spending the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake, my husband and I stopped by an apple stand by the side of the road and bought a huge bag of Mutsu apples.  I chose the Mutsu apples after tasting a few others that the farmer had available.  I liked it for its crispiness and its […]

An Apple a Day: Empire

I will confess that I originally confused my apples in my post about the Red Delicious.  Oops!  That is because the Empire apple actually looks very similar to the Red Delicious.  The Empire is, however, rounder and less conical than the Red Delicious.  On our apple picking day, we lost sight of my mom at […]

An Apple a Day: Smoothee

While picking apples two weekends ago, I came upon some trees (near where I was picking Fuji apples) that had some remaining apples on them.  I mistook these for Golden Delicious as they had a strong resemblance to that type of apple.  When I checked the sign at the front of the row of trees, […]

An Apple a Day: Red Delicious

Growing up, my parents mainly purchased Red Delicious apples.  It is still a favourite of theirs.  As mentioned in my recent post about a fun apple picking excursion with my parents and husband, my dad absolutely loves this apple.  While the rest of us were loading up on a wider variety of apples at the […]

An Apple a Day: The Honeycrisp

I ❤ apples! After my recent visit to Carl Laidlaw Orchards, I decided to do a little research into the different varieties (or cultivars) of apple I brought home with me, including the two types of apple I picked up while at Niagara-on-the-Lake. My next six posts will be short and sweet – consisting of information about […]

A Beautiful Day for Apple Picking

There is nothing quite like a crunchy just-picked apple!  I have some great memories of going apple picking with my parents and brother as a kid.  I remember breathing in the crisp autumn air and rushing into the apple orchard to find the perfect apples.  I remember how we’d bring bottles of water with us […]