An Apple a Day: Red Delicious

Growing up, my parents mainly purchased Red Delicious apples.  It is still a favourite of theirs.  As mentioned in my recent post about a fun apple picking excursion with my parents and husband, my dad absolutely loves this apple.  While the rest of us were loading up on a wider variety of apples at the orchard, my dad quickly made his way over to the Red Delicious trees and picked his way to two massive bags of these apples.  I still think it’s a pretty great apple when picked fresh from an orchard (What apple isn’t?) though it’s not really my favourite anymore.  From my experience, supermarket Red Delicious apples don’t seem to have the crispness and flavour I enjoy in an apple.

From a harvest perspective, the Red Delicious sounds like a finicky apple. If it is picked too early, it may never become sweet and if picked too late, it can become mealy while in the supermarket. Scientifically, I was interested to discover that there are many sports, naturally occurring genetic mutations, of Delicious apples. There are numerous sports of the original Delicious apple, including the Red Delicious.


Is the Red Delicious your favourite apple?


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