An Apple a Day: Fuji

This will be the last in my An Apple a Day blog post series.  The Fuji, which like the Mutsu was developed in Japan, can grow to be quite a large apple.  I remember seeing huge Fuji apples in supermarkets periodically.  While apple picking recently, we sampled a variety of apples at the entrance of the apple orchard.  Based on the these samples, I knew that I’d want to pick some Fuji apples.  They had a nice sweetness and crispness to them.


Do you like the Fuji?  Is it your favourite apple?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about apples!  Below is one last look at the apples that were featured in my blog post series.  The photo includes five of the six apples that were featured on my blog.  I forgot to include the Red Delicious apple in the picture.  Oops!


P.S. Happy Halloween!!! Boo!


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